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  • maci000 -

    ich brauche hilfe,hab gerade das spiel runtergeladen und wollte es starten get aber nicht
    weil ein fehler kommt (Agent.exe)

  • maci000 -


  • Asera -


  • thejoker50 -

    hey , yesterday i missed 10 times the security code and now the penalty time is bugged every time it goes to 0 it restarts , i have prints , can u help me?

  • anna24 -

    Juli mein Freund wurde beklaut!! und der typ mit sein Zeug hat grade Markut shop auf sein name ist krombacherRadler!! bitte die Logs Prüfen und den typen wegsperren!!! bitte!!-.-

  • KeTaMiN -

    wie lange dauert es ca. bis ein char zurück geportet wird ? ich warte schon fast 1,5 tage

  • Ambience -

    kannst du mir bitte helfen? :)…se-help-me-security-code/

  • KeTaMiN -

    könntest du meinen char nach keter setzen der ist out of map gebuggt und kann mich Nicht mehr auf dem char einloggen Name: KeTaMiN

  • Bodde879 -

    You got some news ? about the server when he comes online again ? :)

  • BaNNySvK -

    Ancient Compiler doesnt care.. nobody cares.. i wrote ticket about this pointless deleting of my account( idk if sb hacked it and robbed it + deleted all my chars , or if it was any Server fault ..)
    but they should write me back and help me to solve this problem lol.. its a week and nobody gives a f...
    it can happens to everyone and i had 20-22 items lol.

    • AncientCompiler -

      Keep your data safe and do not download each X new private Server. If you didn't so wait such cases may take longer to answer. In 99,5% of such cases it's the users fault.

    • BaNNySvK -

      No another server downloaded. i wrote username and pass nowhere and never have the same.. but i am really happy that you wrote back, because i thought that saw was here all the time.
      i hope that problem will be solved asap :/

    • BaNNySvK -

      i thought that nobody saw these comments*

  • xShaYaKaZ -

    Hallo Jul.

    Du solltest dich um deinen Server kümmern!!

  • BaNNySvK -

    Hello i wrote you yesterday mail, and made conversation with you. But idk where should i write.
    i made ticket too but without answer till now.. so i am writing here now

    Yesterday between 16:00 and 18:00 my account was hacked, robbed, and all characters were deleted , only one char lvl 1 valo was created, although i had played derion before.
    I had on derion lvl 88 Warrior, lvl 84 Archer, 60 mage and so on.. items that were upgraded +20 to +22 and a lot of golds and upps.
    Now i have NOTHING, including no Moonstones, no Bonuspoints, no golds, no items in cash deposit and NO CHARACTERS..

  • Sonday -

    i got a question. I got accepted for the testserver, but what do I have to do now? I got no instructions or anything, so could you help me?^^

  • quyen002 -

    Hello. All my skills(including skill points and the skill for wearing heavy armor) disappeared after relogging. I have also written a ticket. Can you please fix it as soon as possible?

  • Ankh -

    I lost 2 items from the bank and 100 G after I got out of doc 10 and gave relogation can help me pleas and i have another bugg of 2 caracters can see the baggs can take print if u vant ...

  • hazyking -

    hello i have big problém but im not good in english. Please some CZ/SK GM??????

  • Greg -

    go planetside bfffff

  • razvyqw0w -

    can u solve the problem with network error?

  • hazyking -

    Hi in how much will the server again online? :) Thank you for you answer :)

  • Clapp -

    Hello i dont receive the E-Mail to reset my Security Code please help me!

  • wolfEX -

    I was bugged by a figure when porting into TD 20 plese help me Thx man

  • Ankh -

    hii mi acount is suspended for ? can se pleas ...

  • araya -

    Are u looking for moderators at all?

  • Patscho63 -

    Hey ich möchte gerne mein deric acc auf valo transferieren. Bin jz auch lvl 90
    Hab dich auch schon privat angeschrieben
    Acc name Beastmod008

  • christian3400 -

    moin ich möchte gerne mit mein deri acc auf valo Transferiren

  • admanan -

    Kann ich eigentlich damit rechnen dass nach meiner Sperrung endlich eine Lösung bezüglich meiner durch einen Serverlag verlorenen PVP Armi gefunden wurde?
    Ich denke innerhalb von nun 3 Monaten sollte es wirklich zu schaffen sein.

  • Patscho63 -

    Hey ich würd auch gern mein acc transferieren lassen aber hab leider nur ein lvl 88 char geht das vllt tdm?

  • Yoda -


  • Dfam2 -

    Can you guys help me? i cant change the security code, i click on reset and nothing happens, i dont recive any email or something, plz help me men!! ty,
    the username of my champ is IamJoana3, username of acc *censored by ac*, acc in acentropia
    plz help me!!