Rare Magic Upgrade, worst event ever

    • Nucey schrieb:

      profiangler schrieb:

      Nucey schrieb:

      - I was playing tourn vs 1337index, bug abuser, 3 admins on the stands and nothing, gratz?
      Ofc in second round <Destroyer vs 1337buger> Again, you did nothing, and he lost.

      And nice anty-macro system xD:).
      You cant make a good abb with 2 hands on keyboard, CUS ITS A MACRO ON THIS SERVER
      You just suck thats all, abb is still easy with 1 hand without macro, /w me i teach u in 3min for the smoothiest abb and maybe one day u will play archer right clap
      Ye, ye, high ego deuchlando c:::::::::::::::
      Eastern Europe communists nabs poor country ez deds mafia pranks rofllolzwtf prostitution hahaqtlolz XD LOLMAFIA

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